Free Workshop on Storytelling Lighting Design

Free Workshop on Storytelling Lighting Design

Last modified: 05.11.2015

STORYTELLING LIGHTING DESIGN - Workshop of the 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling


1st Dec 2015, afternoon


Aalborg University Copenhagen campus, Copenhagen, Denmark


Ellen Kathrine Hansen and Georgios Triantafyllidis, Lighting Design MSc, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, {ekh}


Expression of interest for work presentation: November 16th 2015 (title and one paragraph of description). Participants of the workshop are kindly requested to contact the organisers to indicate their participation interest by that date.

The Workshop’s aim

Storytelling and light can have a bidirectional connection: Light can be used as a multidimensional design element, where light is communicating and telling a story. But also, the other way, stories can affect the multidimensional design of light. In this context, this workshop examines the use of lighting design in storytelling. The workshop aims to increase awareness about storytelling lighting design and to bring together researchers and experts throughout the world into an interdisciplinary dialogue to exchange ideas on related topics.


Workshop’s topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Applications of lighting design in storytelling
  • Psychological and physiological factors in storytelling lighting design
  • Visual perception of lighting in storytelling
  • Storytelling-based lighting design in education
  • Interactive lighting design for storytelling
  • Lighting design for storytelling in virtual environments
  • User experience in storytelling lighting design


There will be three parts in this workshop. In the first two parts of the workshop there will be a presentation of the works made for two projects related to storytelling lighting design, in the Lighting Design MSc education of Aalborg University Copenhagen. The third and last part of the workshop will be a round table discussion, where all the participants of the workshop can actively participate, present their works and discuss the workshop’s topics and future cases of storytelling lighting design.

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