The People Behind MSc in Lighting Design

The MSc programme in Lighting Design has been developed by an experienced group of active researchers and teachers who are each leaders in the three academic disciplines. Everyone is professionally rooted in different fields of the science of lighting and can thus see the potential in this unique combination of their professional skills in the MSc in Lighting Design.

The team works with an extensive national and international network of customers from industry, consultants and producers as well as with other universities, enabling an exchange of knowledge and students.

To support the multidisciplinary approach, the education is run in close cooperation between the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology at the Faculty of Engineering and Science and the Danish Building Research Institute, both from Aalborg University.

"Performing research in realistic visualization and computer-based analysis of natural and synthetic lighting scenarios, and participating in real-world applications of this, greatly satisfies the scientist and the esthetician in me. Light is beautiful, it is all around us, we could not do anything without it, we can basically do whatever we want with it. Yet, only through a thorough understanding of the whole chain from light emission to human perception can we make designs that utilize the full potential of light."
Claus Brøndgaard Madsen, Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Medialogy

“Light is such a powerful form giver. I look forward to exploring how light can be used as a multidimensional design element combining knowledge and methods from three academic fields.”
Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Associate Professor, Cand. Arch, Programme Director of Lighting Design, Aalborg University, Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology

"Media technologies were developed for our virtual world: for movies, video games and shows. They are now part of our lives, and they penetrate our real world through digital lighting. They represent a fantastic opportunity to reinvent our luminous environment, indoor and outdoor, during days and nights, with energy-efficient techniques. It is also time to integrate evidence in vision, psychology and physiology to propose new attractive solutions."
Marc Fontoynont, Vice-President, International Lighting Commission (CIE), Vice President, European Lighting Cluster Alliance (ELCA), Professor, Aalborg University, Danish Building Research Institute

Photos by Jørgen True/Studie-E