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Maja Munksgaard Danborg

I have always been a creative soul and when I had finished my bachelor’s at Roskilde University, I knew that I wanted to find a master’s programme where focus wasn’t only on writing long reports, but where design, people and technology had the pride of place. My bachelor’s is quite broad in the sense that I have knowledge of design, technology and people. This made me think that it might be difficult to find a master’s programme where I could utilise and expand my knowledge.

It turned out that Lighting Design at Aalborg University was the programme of my dreams. Here, we are always forced to think outside the box while maintaining a common thread.

I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t a little intimidated when I found out that Lighting Design is an international programme, however, once you get used to the idea, it turns out to be so rewarding; you can help your fellow students and get to know so many new people.

Hence, Lighting Design is not only a growing education for a growing field, but also a wonderful support network of teachers, students and secretaries who are always ready to help you if you need it.

I know that this programme will help me get my dream job where I get to convey stories through light. 

Alexandru Vlas


Alexandru Vlas holds a bachelor's degree in building services engineering from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. He was involved in indoor and outdoor lighting projects for the Building Services Faculty and the City Council of Cluj-Napoca. Alexandru Vlas had an Erasmus internship in Slovakia for three months at OMS Lighting. He is currently studying for his master's degree in Lighting Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen.

Alexandru Vlas is looking for an internship at a company that could benefit from his engineering skills and lighting design knowledge, with the possibility of a full-time opportunity. He has a strong interest in Minimalist and Scandinavian architecture, light simulations and energy-efficient technology.

Bettina Duelund


Bettina Duelund is a Furniture Designer, trained in product development, idea generation, 3D sketching, knowledge about materials and construction, with a special interest in light. She is currently an MSc student in Lighting Design at AAU-Cph. In her 1st semester project, she worked with phenomenons found in Nordic Light. transforming them to a light installation.

Bettina Duelund's interests lie in the field between product development, humans and the interaction with artificial and natural (daylight) light, people's needs and new ways of thinking product development.


Chihiro Yamada Mortensen


Chihiro is taking a master's course to become a qualified lighting designer, who is competent to carry out lighting projects on different scales. She has years of experience in design development and project management. Her design approach is holistic and simultaneously focuses on finding the identity and coming up with innovative ideas, in terms of achieving best possible design outcome for the project and client.

What I would like to develop

My competence and interests cover a various range of lighting design in architectural lighting, daylighting system, light planning with intelligent systems and smart city.

You may contact me on


Esben Oxholm


I am a trained design engineer with several years of experience in the development, design and construction of internationally launched products. Coupling this experience with the newest knowledge within the world of lighting design, I strive to develop luminaires that challenge today’s state-of-the-art.

I am looking for an internship at a company that will benefit from my combined knowledge of product development and lighting design. I imagine that a position as a luminaire concept developer at a luminaire manufacturer would fit very well.

Behance Portfolio:

Eszter Horóczi


I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Industrial Design Engineering (BSc). During my bachelor studies in product design, I had the opportunity to work in various fields, from mechanical engineering to an artistic aspect of designing. I have taken an internship in furniture design at Loft Interior in Budapest.

My interest lies mainly within the field of architectural lighting and landscape lighting, and I am also interested in art installations. My aim is to combine my previous background with lighting design, and work with both engineering and design. I am looking for an internship to develop my skills in these fields at a professional level.


Jacob Kriegbaum Caspersen


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Performance Design and Computer Science from Roskilde University. By combining these fields, I have obtained a broad knowledge within technology, interactivity, design and creative processes.

I am very creative, curious and full of ideas, and also the kind of person you would want on your team when playing Trivial Pursuit.

I have a passion for creating beautiful, inspiring, innovative and sensible experiences with light.


Johannes Møjen


Johannes Møjen holds a BSc in Medialogy from Aalborg University. Johannes Møjen has experience with in various technical areas, including image processing, computer vision and intelligent systems. In the summer of 2016, he became MSc in Lighting Design.

Johannes Møjen’s interests lie within the field of interactive intelligent light, designed to catch attention and be an experience for the viewers.


Jonathan Fiss


I am 31 years old. Graduated with a BSc of Medialogy from Aalborg University.

Currently, I am part of the development of a new way of mediating museum information via Virtual Reality.

I thrive working in groups. There's a lot one can learn from colleagues.

Tri-lingual. Lived in four different countries.

Quirkiness. Aesthetically pleasing design that puts a smile on your face.

Creating smart solutions based upon user centered design.

Preferably abroad (to gain cultural experience).


The start-up that I am a co founder of:

Konstantin Klaas


My name is Konstantin Klaas, I am 26 years old and my background is interior architecture. I graduated in the spring of 2014 from the University of Applied Science in Rosenheim, Germany.

Currently, I am working on photorealistic simulation of light at SBI (Danish Building Research Institute) as a student assistant, allthough my bigger experience lies in the field of manually working with light, in mock-ups and prototypes of luminaires.

My skills cover a wide range of CAD, 3D, Photoprocessing and Office software as well as handcrafting with wood, metal, and electricity and as well as a general technical understanding.

For my internships, I’m searching for a position where I would be involved in architectural lighting design and light planning.

Personal website (portfolio)




Luaras Morina


Luaras Morina is a lighting design student at AAU-Cph. He has previously obtained a Bachelor's in Architectural Technology and Construction Management from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. Additionally, Luaras has worked at Henning Larsen Architects A/S for over a year, after completing his internship before continuing with his master studies at AAU-Cph. Currently, Luaras is a member of the study board after being elected to represent the MSc in Lighting Design in the Media Technology sector.

Luaras’ interests cover intelligent lighting systems, architectural exhibitions, photography, realistic rendering and comprehensive free reading.

Personal website 


Maarja Kukk


I am a young passionate lighting design student and I am looking for professional experience and new challenges in a vibrant and creative environment. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Art & Technology from Aalborg University with specialisation in interactive lighting design and installation art. Currently, I am enrolled as a master's student in Lighting Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen. I have experience working as a design assistant for video and visual artist Marika Seidler. I admire simplicity, and I aim for clear concepts and clean designs.

Personally, I have a creative spirit, natural curiosity and an interest in installation art, spatial lighting and architecture. I am truly motivated to contribute with my skills, ideas and previous experience to work in the lighting design industry.



Mass Witt


I have BSc in Medialogy from AAU, where I did my thesis on Virtual Reality applications for museums. I started studying Lighting Design because I started to understand the need for good lighting, both in public and more private spaces, after being introduced to the subject. I find it fascinating that something most people do, but not really give much thought can have such a massive effect in how we perceive space, even if we realise it. One thing I would like to become great at is making things beautiful and functional.

In the future, I can imagine I want to work with some sort of non-invasive, easy-to-use intelligent lighting systems for offices and private homes. But first, I want a few years of experience in the field.


Mikolaj Lewandowski


I hold a BA in Art and Technology from Aalborg University with specialisation in interactive lighting design and installation art. On top of that I have finished a six months course in Theater and Film lighting in Venice, Italy. I have been working with light in various scenarios ranging from projection mapping and VJing to film productions – both feature films and music videos. I have four years of work experience as a graphic designer and photographer – which I am continuously occupying myself with at the moment.

I would like to work in a dynamic and creative team oriented around different aspects of light design and its challenges. Lighting for festivals or art exhibitions, interactive lighting, movie productions and conceptual lighting are just some of the topics that I can strongly relate to.



Sara Noguera Plans


Sara is currently enrolled at Lighting Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen and working at SBi (Danish Building Research Institute) as a student assistant. She holds two bachelor's degrees: Building Construction Science and Technology from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC (2011) and Civil Engineering from VIA University College (2012). Sara has undertaken two internships in different architect companies, FORCE4 in Copenhagen and A2 Architects in Barcelona. She also carried out an internship in the interior design company Marta Gavaldà in Barcelona.

Sara is interested in combining her previous education with her postgraduate programme in Lighting Design. She has an interest in architectural lighting design, landscape lighting, intelligent lighting systems and art lighting installations. Currently, she is seeking for an internship to develop her skills to a high professional level.


Tim Jesper Ivan Magnusson

In the crossfire between specification confiding lighting engineers and consensual architectural designers - I aim to position myself as the cross-disciplinary link. My personal agenda is highly influenced by my background within electrical engineering, and my role as consultant within the medical industry where quality in validation is of paramount importance.

My main interests in the lighting profession lie within exploring the emerging field of integral/holistic lighting designs where the full potential of communication through light is applied into practice. The products may target exhibitions and/or permanent installations/architecture, etc.


Tinna Kristín Þórðardóttir

Tinna graduated from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with a BA in Architectural technology and construction management, where she worked on multiple assignment, both group-based and individually, ranging from renovation on apartment buildings to a newly built kindergarten.

Tinna previously undertook an internship at T.ARK architects, Reykjavik, Iceland, where she worked on drafting all stages of architectural and construction drawings for a power plant located in northern Iceland.

Tinna is interested in combining her previous background in the architectural field with her current education in Lighting Design, where she can combine her interest in architecture with her desire to create.



Karolina Potoczniak


I am trained as a Constructing Architect. Over the last couple of years, I developed a particular interest in how different technologies, especially lighting, can improve human-centered design. Therefore, I decided to continue my education in this direction.

Key strengths: concept development, research, visual communication, planning, prototyping.

Regarding future training and employment, I highly prioritise practices which combine different aspects of the lighting design profession i.e. architectural, art and entertainment.

CV (download)

Portfolio (download)


Orestis Gkouvas


Orestis is a fully educated architect. He has been involved in the construction of 4 small scale housing projects. In his master's thesis, he investigated ways to manipulate natural light. He has participated in a research project for a kinematic structure. He is skilled in freehand drawing and various 2D & 3D software applications.

Orestis is interested in exloring applications in numerous fields like: modernist architecture, organic form exploration, 3D modelling & rendering, 2D illustration methods, lighting manipulation and simulation.

You may contact Orestis via e-mail

Sergiu Ghiaur

I come from the Republic of Moldova. My interest in Nordic culture and architecture had determined me to come to Denmark where I studied to become a Constructing Architect and later continued my exploration within the field of Lighting Design. To me, light is the element that animates and gives life to the built environment.

I am interested in various aspects related to architectural design and building technology, especially designing with daylight, integration of energy-saving lighting solutions, BIM and others